About us

About Us

Heart for Human Development (HHD) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to serving underprivileged people especially youth and women in the local communities of Northern Virginia through inclusive, participatory and empowering program that improves their quality of life. HHD also empowers rural communities in Ghana with innovative ideas for them to achieve their full potential. 


Our Mission

HHD exist to empower children, youth and women to achieve their full potential in life through high impact and innovative programs.

Our Vision

is a community free from poverty where all children and young people are able to reach their full potential in life.

Our Core Principles​

  • Poverty Reduction

  • Education with Impact

  • Community Health Services with Impact

Our History

Heart for Human Development (HHD) was born out of a drive to share the pioneering work of Florence Nightingale who was a nurse in the 19th Century.  Nightingale was active in philanthropy, ministering to the ill and poor people in  villages. Mansa Ofosuhene who is a committed nurse in USA saw the need of support for some underprivileged people in poor neighborhoods and decided to form HHD so that she and her partners can give hope to the poor so she registered HHD in 2016.

"Children are one third of our population and all of our future."

     Our Core Values

  • Children and Youth Welfare - physical, well-being and growth of the young is always a priority.

  • Equality - we ensure opportunity to the underprivileged regardless of gender, race, or religion.

  • Empowerment of the disadvantaged - Instead of just providing resources, our programs focus on developing in individuals the capacity and confidence they need to change their own situations and assist their communities.

  • Innovation - we develop innovative solutions to poverty, poor health, and unemployment. 

  • Transparency -  we share our financial, production and program results and processes with our network.

  • Local Ownership - we use participatory approach to involve communities to ensure community ownership.

  • Monitoring & Evaluation - We monitor and evaluate our programs to improve performance.

13778 Deacons Way​, Gainesville, VA 20155 USA

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