Heart for Human Development (HHD) is committed to serve our target communities where people need urgent help to improve their quality of life. In all our programs, we are committed to relationships with our serving populations — their needs guide our priorities. In our development work we consult with communities to make sure the projects meet their needs with a long lasting impact. Our thematic areas are: Training, Education and Health.

What We Do

Community Health

HHD’s health work focuses on improving health and well-being of vulnerable people including:

• Teaching prevention for communicable diseases in low income

• Supporting community events with health education.
• Supporting effective sanitation, and hygiene Education.
​* We also focus on nutrition-related interventions for both
  mothers and children to help save liv
es in low income communities

Training & Education for Success

When a child learns, communities benefit and lives improve. HHD works alongside local communities and partners to:

• Empower the youth to love school and have access to education,                  especially for those from low-income populations, girls, and children              affected by disabilities.
• Improve the quality of education through materials and library facility            support for underprivileged students.
• Support community training to empower young people and women                to succeed in  work and in life.
​• Promote leadership programs and other initiatives to help develop

  young people’s  full potential as leaders.

Empowering the Youth through Training

Pioneering Rural Girls Education

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